A Beginner’s Guide To Packing Your House For A Move Home

Of course, the most important item on the list is packaging all your belongings. Use a plastic kitchen foil over the top of the drawers to prevent items from moving during transport. Then use a sturdy elastic wrap around the outside of the cabinet to prevent the drawers from opening when wearing furniture.

Use these tips to quickly pack up, stay on budget and organize. You probably don’t want your phone charger on the back of the truck going anywhere. Snacks and drinks, baby diaper bag, clothes change, wallet / money and all your other necessary items may not be very useful on the back of the moving truck.

Avoid knotted, confused and broken jewelry by taking better care of these items. Place your chains through straws to prevent the chain from getting entangled, or place them on a small towel and roll up. Use a plastic pill cover to organize and transport your extra small jewelry such as rings and earrings. Consider keeping this valuables with you and not in a moving truck.

These items include family heirlooms, electronics or personal items that are irreplaceable. If you cannot carry large items such as antiques yourself, please note them with your moving company flyttefirma kĂžbenhavn and ask if they will help you pack and secure these items during the move. This service will cost you, but if you have a tight deadline and can afford it, call the professionals.

You need to determine when and how you will perform these tasks on your mobile checklist. By drawing up this list in advance and putting the task in your agenda yourself, you are less likely to forget someone. This is the ultimate guide to packing and moving your home.