Many people in America wonder what is wrong https://itrainkids.vn/khoa-hoc-lap-trinh-scratch-cho-tre-tai-tphcm/ with our children, what is wrong with our schools and why Americans are losing in the world rankings of other countries? Are these questions and accusations true? There are a lot of accusations. Teachers’ unions blame the most severe school systems. Little Johnny’s mother blames the professor. Taxpayers are to blame for the policies, and the government continues to raise taxes to address this problem.

Now, if you take the student and school district budget, unfortunately, you will find that the average cost of a student is more than $10,000 per year. yes, that’s right, and I bet you never knew it, and it’s true that when asked what that number is, most of the public thinks it’s $2,500 to $5,000, and that’s a very low estimate. It’s probably a number, but it’s not.

To make matters worse, for all the money spent, schools are not doing their job, and many see schools as a giant childcare place rather than a place of learning. Some even ask; “Can we really raise children for the future in the current format?” Maybe not! Well, that’s a really scary idea.
What needs to change?

First, we need to use technology that doesn’t mean installing a lot of computers at the back of each class, but using tools and software for training. For example, Avatar instructors, interactive computer games, online roles, collaborations with other students and tech-savvy teachers. In short, things have to change quickly.

Generosity is a very rare virtue in the 21st century. Selfishness has become the norm in a world where rationality and competition have become the rule of the game. Unfortunately, the root of the problem lies in the family and begins with the upbringing of children, which is often imperfect when children reach adulthood. It is important to note that this trend cannot and must not continue if we are to save the world.

Gone are the days when people were their brothers/sisters. Now everyone is trying to outdo others. From this point of view, no one wants to help another, and people even have their rights and rights, let alone share what they have with others. By the way, it is the act/art of sharing that make the world meaningful and worthy of cognition. Most, if not all, vices that we see in today’s world can be attributed to self-cherishing and lack of care for others.

From Europe to America, through Asia, Africa and the rest of the world, no society is immune to the lack of generosity. It is therefore very important to work with the next generation through children to embrace the virtue of generosity, because the current generation seems to have overshadowed the generosity and principles of sharing. Children are usually focused on sharing.

Despite the uninitiation, they can be selfish without giving their toys and candy to uncles, sisters, etc. so easily, even in games. But properly socialized and well-mannered children are more prone to communication and generosity. This is before they leave home to absorb selfishness in society as a whole, which has already been recreated by adults under pressure from survival problems. It is very important to cultivate generosity in children to help, save today and preserve humanity in the future in order to ensure sustainable development. Your children/our children are our hope. Let’s teach them to be generous. Here are some ways to teach children how to give.

1. Tell them (children) stories that teach generosity. The stories should show punishments for selfishness and encouragement for generosity.

2. Encourage children to share their toys, food, bicycles and other treasures with others. The rest may be siblings, neighbors or classmates.

Parents and adults should be generous to the surrounding children. Children are role models for their parents and other important adults. Children copy adults, especially parents, and demonstrating examples of generosity in actions and relationships with others is the best way to teach children to be generous and take care of others.

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